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On the morning of her 3rd birthday, Isa woke up, looked at me, and asked, “Mama, where did Pa Pa go?” My heart smiles knowing he talks to her in her dreams.

I miss you, Dad.

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In the two years that the Democrats had the White House, the House, and the Senate, we got Wall Street reform, student loan reform, credit card reform, healthcare reform obviously, the Fair Pay Act, expanding of the GI bill, they re-authorized the children’s health insurance program, expanded national service programs, fixed the sentencing disparity for crack versus powdered cocaine. We got the 9/11 First Responder’s Bill, we got the Hate Crimes Act, they ratified the START Treaty between us and Russia on nuclear weapons, they repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, they did Cash for Clunkers, they did the stimulus which included the largest middle-class tax cuts ever. That was all done by the Congress that was elected at the same time as President Obama in 2008. They were elected in November 2008, sworn in January 2009 and over the next 2 years they got all of those things done. Then, the Republicans did really well in the midterms, and Republicans took control of the House for the first time in years and, John Boehner became Speaker. And since then, there has not been a single significant piece of legislation enacted into law.

Rachel Maddow, 9/30/13 (via alexaaact)

Rachel took me to church tonight. That is why I am always here for her. She was my safe haven when all this shit went down. She pulled no punches and told it how it was and is and how it will be. Still can’t believe this is happening doe. Damnit!!!!

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Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.
— Unknown   (via natural-magics)

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Red Sox and love
Just another night at Fenway
#BostonStrong #BostonLove

Love this


Red Sox and love

Just another night at Fenway

#BostonStrong #BostonLove

Love this

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The secret of a full life is to live and relate to others as if they might not be there tomorrow, as if you might not be there tomorrow. It eliminates the vice of procrastination, the sin of postponement, failed communications, failed communions. This thought has made me more and more attentive to all encounters. meetings, introductions, which might contain the seed of depth that might be carelessly overlooked. This feeling has become a rarity, and rarer every day now that we have reached a hastier and more superficial rhythm, now that we believe we are in touch with a greater amount of people, more people, more countries. This is the illusion which might cheat us of being in touch deeply with the one breathing next to us. The dangerous time when mechanical voices, radios, telephones, take the place of human intimacies, and the concept of being in touch with millions brings a greater and greater poverty in intimacy and human vision.
— Anaïs Nin, May 1946. (via yellow-buds-of-may)

This speaks to me

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"It was his sister’s turn to use the hose." 
Submitted Anonymously

This is my life. Every. Single. Day.


"It was his sister’s turn to use the hose."
Submitted Anonymously

This is my life. Every. Single. Day.

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Link 10 Apr So inspired by this song and video»
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Typical Saturday, running errands, birthday parties, haircuts…I miss my Dad.

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When I die
Give what’s left of me away
To children
And old men that wait to die.
And if you need to cry,
Cry for your brother
Walking the street beside you.
And when you need me,
Put your arms
Around anyone
And give them
What you need to give to me.

I want to leave you something,
Something better
Than words
Or sounds.

Look for me
In the people I’ve known
Or loved,
And if you cannot give me away,
At least let me live on your eyes
And not on your mind.

You can love me most
By letting
Hands touch hands,
By letting
Bodies touch bodies,
And by letting go
Of children
That need to be free.

Love doesn’t die,
People do.
So, when all that’s left of me
Is love,
Give me away.

- Merritt Malloy

Noticing this morning’s reblog from Humans of New York, our producer Phyllis Myers was reminded of this poem, which is a favorite of hers, and it’s so lovely I wanted to pass it along to the rest of you.
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This reminds me of you, Dad.

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